Do always have a plunger on hand.

It is an amazing tool and is almost all that is needed for minor clogs.

Do make sure that all your under sink/counter shutoffs work properly.

Check them on occasion, exercising the valves helps keep them from locking up. Also… the worst time to find out your under sink valve is locked up is when you need to close it!

Do make sure you have all accessible under house plumbing inspected at least annually to avoid unwanted surprises.

Time has a way of slipping away from us, mark your calendar and have your plumbing checked annually to avoid from experiencing unwanted surprises that can escalate and cost hundreds if not thousands in repair costs!

Do inform your plumber if you have used chemical cleaners or drain cleaners.

Chemical drain cleaners can collect in the sink traps and if exposed to human skin can cause severe burns. Caustic cleaners can also harm drain piping.

Do open cabinets where plumbing is located on outside walls in extreme cold temperatures to allow heat to travel to the piping.

During extreme low temperatures piping that is on an outside wall can freeze. Opening the cabinets will allow the house heat to migrate to the piping helping to keep them from freezing.

Do Call BEST PRICE for all your plumbing needs!

We do all types of plumbing… you have a plumbing need or project, call us and get your BEST PRICE!


Don’t try to thaw pipes with unattended open flames.

Using unattended open flames to thaw frozen pipes is a safety hazard and cause more damage than good. Use a hair dryer or other non-flammable heat source and never leave it unattended.

Don’t use caustic chemicals to unclog drains.

Harsh chemicals can damage piping and drains and also be a hazard for anyone working on the drain if the harsh chemicals were to collect in the plumbing trap and be exposed to skin. Best to call a professional plumber to remove clogs that cannot be cleared with a plunger.

Don’t pour fats and oils into any drain Animal fats and vegetable oils can congeal causing backups and clogs in drain piping and can be worse in septic systems.

Best to allow it to congeal in the pan and wipe out with a paper towel and put in in the trach for proper disposal.

Don’t flush anything down the toilet that doesn’t belong there.

Paper towels, feminine products, disposable diapers, cat litter, hair and of course the occasional toddlers toy! All these type items can certainly clog up the works!

Don’t call just any plumber… call BEST PRICE! Sadly, a stereotype of plumbers has been ingrained in us, and “plumber’s crack” jokes are all too common. Plumbing is important to protect our families and the health of the community. Plumbing is an art, properly draining waste, protecting your homes from noxious gasses and providing adequate plumbing ventilation is a professional skill. We all know “plumbers” that perpetuate the stereotype, but qualified professional plumbers do exist…. Call BEST PRICE and experience the difference!

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