Plumbing tips from Best Price.  The top 6 things you should know about your plumbing

When it comes to plumbing drips and leaks… just about any drip or leak can quickly become an emergency. From mild drips to catastrophic failure of a water heater holding 30 to 80 gallons of water… the possibilities are endless. Here is a quick “You should know list” as well as some additional do’s and don’ts in the residential plumbing world.

Here are the top 6 things you should know about your plumbing

1. Where your main water shut off is located and how to operate it

In case of an emergency, knowing where the mater water shut off is and have to operate can save hundreds of dollars in damages. If your shut off is not in a spot where you can readily access it (under the house in the crawl space), check into our shutoff relocation service! We also have products that can be remotely monitored and automatically triggered off!

2. Which breaker supplies power to your water pump (well water)

When emergencies arise one of the quickest ways (beside the main shut off) to stop the flow of a leaking pipe when you have well water and a water pump is to shut off the power to the pump, this keeps water from continuously being supplied to the leaking pipe. Knowing which breaker is connected to the pump can make all the difference in the amount of time it takes to stem the flow!

3. Which breaker supplies power to your water heater (electric)

Knowing which breaker is connected to your electric water heater is important especially when taking an extended vacation. Simply flip the breaker off and save on energy the entire time you are gone… come back home and flip it back on and enjoy hot water in less than an hour.

4. Water heaters need maintenance too!

So many homeowners put off maintenance and service calls for their equipment, but they normally understand and aware that it’s needed. What we have found over the years is that most homeowners seem to be unaware that their water heater is in need regular service as well, just like your furnace or car! The water tank can fill with sediment if not drained annually, the anode rods corrode and deteriorate leaving your water heater in harm’s way for a major failure and leakage. TheTPRV (temperature/ pressure and relief valve) might not be functional. Having yearly inspection, safety check and cleaning from a qualified plumber can keep the water heater running efficiently, prolong its life and keep your family and home safe.

5. The trap beneath the sink is not for your expensive jewelry

Trapping jewelry that slips into the sink drain is certainly a much-appreciated secondary benefit but just not the intended purpose of sink or drain traps. Sink drains are connected to the main sewer, which means not so sweet smelling sewer gasses have direct access to your home. These gasses can make you sick and some are even explosive! The traps actually collect and hold water and the “trapped” water acts as a seal that the gasses can’t pass through into your home. This also stops icky, creepy sewer crawlers from going up your sink as well.

6. Phone number to Best Price Plumbing!

(844-423- BEST) When all else fails, pick up the phone and call us! We will give you the BEST Price for all your plumbing needs!

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